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Friday, June 27, 2008

CSS Science: CSS Frameworks and Code Reusability

No one has to write the duplicate CSS Code or XHTML-Markup over and over again. At some point you have to define classes and IDs throughout the web-projects. To avoid unnecessary mistakes or codes you might have to start not from a dummy file, but from an almost standard format. The latter might contain some basic definitions you’d write in your code anyway. However, once you’ve decided to create such a standard format then you need to make sure it is really bulletproof — besides, if the CSS Stylesheet also sets up optimal typographic rules and basic form styling, that would be the best.

And this is how, CSS Frameworks and CSS Reusability of Code are becoming important.Get CSS Frameworks and CSS Reusability

Using them, you can get yourself a perfect CSS stylesheet and markup master, save your time and ensure the best quality of your code from the very beginning to advanced level. But what are CSS Frameworks? And why do you need the Reset for?

so the answer is here....

u can simply download the advanced css book Download CSS Book

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